Your agents are your best advocates
Turn your agents into recruiters that work as if they were the members of your team in order to attract more high-quality students to your institution.
We can realize your ideas
We help develop young architecture companies and teams that innovate urban planning
Comprehensive assessment a university's strategies for educating and collaborating with international recruitment agents including agent education, engagement, and partnership management, ensuring alignment with the university's objectives and industry best practices.
Program Development
Development of training curriculum for recruitment agents engaged in promoting a specific institution's educational offerings on a global scale. This program focuses on equipping agents with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively represent the institution and attract the best-fit international students.
Not only we develop strategy and training materials, but also deliver materials, onboard agents, provide you
with a software system to support ongoing education for agents at scale.
What clients say
Ready to bring your agent relationship to the new level?
Personalisation at global scale
Deliver customised online training programs across different geographies, languages and target audiences.
Proof of course completion
Verify trained subjects at scale. Every subject completed training receives a confirmation certificate.
Get a personalised report with a detailed view of the courses completed, grades received and comments from our consulting team.
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